Filipino Soul Food: Chicken Adobo

This year for Lunar New Year, we decided to showcase the most prominent foods from countries that celebrate this special holiday. Today, we are travelling to the Philippines!

The cuisine from this beautiful country is so interesting and varied, it's tough to just choose one! Since this is an introduction, I think the most appropriate is the famous Chicken Adobo! I promise I will get to the cassava cake, sinigang, longanisa, sweet spaghetti, and ube-anything eventually.

Chicken adobo with Kale, Coconut Milk, Mango

Tender, succulent and smacking your face with flavour, chicken adobo is the epitome of Filipino soul food. But the balance of sweet, savoury and vinegary may be intimidating, especially if you're new to Filipino cuisine. So for our version of chicken adobo, we tried the Mama Sitas Adobo marinade.

This marinade makes it super easy to prepare a globally balanced meal, so no excuses for meat and potatoes everyday! The directions on the back of the bottle were straight forward with an objective to use the marinade as is. I know that I like my adobo to have a bit of heat and extra sweetness though, so I added a bit of sugar and a thai bird chili to my version. The chicken adobo turned out great but the meal was not complete.

To compliment its vinegary bite, some hearty kale was braised in sweet, rich coconut milk. With some steamed jasmine rice, fresh cut mango and a spoon and fork in hand, we were ready to dig in!

Did I say spoon and fork? They were cast aside after the first bite since this was so good! But hey, I tried to stay true to culture.

Happy cooking!


- Chicken Adobo: Mama Sitas Adobo marinade can be found in Aisle 3

- Kale braised in coconut milk: Recipe from The Adobo Road Cookbook

- Steamed Jasmine Rice: Rooster Brand Rice which can be found in-store

- Fresh Cut Mango: Seasonally available in-store; if it is not available, some ripe banana as a substitute is really good too. I know, it sounds weird to have bananas in a savoury dish. BUT TRUST ME. THE INTERNET NEVER LIES.

- Thai Bird Chili - Available in our produce department. If not available, try a sambal or chili sauce in Aisle 3

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