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We Love Food

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. This love is what drives us to source produce, meats, dairy and pantry items that are high in quality (and, of course, fair in value). 


We only provide what we would eat ourselves so we take pride in the quality and selection that Southside Market offers. We know you will too.

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Deli & Bakery

While we offer a variety of deli meat, our house specialties include our slow-roasted Southside Roast Beef. Along with tasty sandwiches, salads, roast chickens and more, you won't ever leave hungry. Promise.


Fresh-baked everyday, the breads and treats made in our bakery will be sure to please!


We also provide gluten-free breads! They can be found in our freezer section next to the bakery.

international specialties

We bring in a large assortment of international products to keep pace with our town's ever-expanding tastes. From baccala to cotechino, spaeztle to fish sauce, chutneys to ponzu sauce (this could go on for a while), we have everything you need to recreate the dishes that you love. It's easy to experiment with new recipes, flavours and cuisines when you don't need to scramble for a substitute.

Besides, we like to eat too, so why wouldn't we bring in the foods we love? If there are any products that you would love to see in-store, we're all ears. Contact us here with any suggestions.

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health & wellness

Be confident that the fuel for your body will match your active lifestyle. 


Find a wide range of organic, gluten-free, low sodium and natural products in-store. From alternatives to conventional pantry items (like avocado oil) to completely new products (like sprouted protein powder), we're constantly adding to our healthy lifestyle products. 

We're always looking for suggestions to improve on our selection. If there is anything you're looking for, we encourage you to let us know in-store or to contact us here.

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grocery, revelstoke, groceries, frehs produce, organic, seasonal

Living by the Rockies can be as freeing to our outdoor activities as it is limiting to our food choices. Keeping that in mind, we do our best to source different types of fresh produce to meet your needs and wants. If you want an apple, you'll have it. If you want a persimmon, you'll have that too.

In addition to a diverse range of produce, we're also expanding our seasonal and organic produce. By bringing in seasonal produce, we are providing the freshest, tastiest fruit and vegetables available at a great value.

Fresh, cold milk is hard to beat! Especially when it comes from a local BC farm, like D Dutchman Dairy in Sicamous. We also offer tasty alternatives to our milk and dairy products, such as almond, cashew and soy milk.

Organic milk, cream and eggs are also available. Just take a peek at our dairy section and you'll find everything you need.

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We are proud to provide a growing selection of local meats from BC farmers and suppliers - including our chicken from Armstrong, BC and pork from Salmon Arm, BC. To respect the time and care that goes into raising quality livestock, we patiently and expertly cut all of our fresh meat in-store. Which means that you can get the specific cuts that you like best. Just let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Some of our specialties include our house-made sausages and ready-to-cook entrees.

Fresh seafood can also be found in our meat department, all year round. And if there is anything you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask!

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local dairy & eggs
HAND-CUT meats

Specialty Services

Take the stress out of your event planning! Look to us when you need:

  • Sandwich Platters

  • Deli Meat & Cheese Platters

  • Vegetable or Fruit Platters

  • Gift Baskets

Please place your order with a manager in-store, or over the phone, at least 48 hours in advance of pick up.

Other Services


  • Rug Doctor Rental

  • Bottle Returns

    • D Dutchman (Maximum of 6 units returned per day)​

    • Stoke Juice (Maximum of 6 units returned per day)

    • Other bottle returns (Maximum of 24 returns per day)

Specialty Services
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