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This week’s recipe: Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

Chewy bouncy udon noodles with a quick hot chicken broth is perfect for a rainy day like today! Napa cabbage, yu choy and enoki mushrooms were added into the soup but any of your favourite veggies will work. We also used bone in chicken thighs to give the broth more flavaaaaa.

Recipe is in the rest of the photos! It doesn’t have any wow factor, it’s just homey and comforting. And sometimes that’s all you need after a long day! This recipe is also very forgiving and versatile. Add more or less of the seasonings to suit your tastes (extra fish sauce and chilli for me ). We had cilantro, green onions and yuzu kosho for garnish and a mango daikon salad with umeboshi dressing on the side.

You can find umeboshi paste in Aisle 3 or the fresh umeboshi in the produce cooler next to the tofu. For more info on umeboshi paste:


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